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CC Properties believes customer care comes first.

As a company we have two sets of customers: Owner/investors and renters/tenants.
When both are happy, we have done our job and met our daily goal.

It’s easy for management companies to simply focus on numbers, but at CC Properties we are dedicated to not only providing our investors and clients with increased returns and property values, but we are also dedicated to investing in our renters and providing them with a wonderful home and a place they can begin to make lifetime memories that they’ll fondly look back on.

We know that finding the right apartment or house that fits your needs is not always easy, but our highly experienced and dedicated team will help make that process as simple and easy as possible. We offer well maintained single family homes and apartments all over the Greater Sioux City area that you will be glad to call home.

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Our Solutions


Are you looking to become a part of a great investment opportunity or have you already acquired a property and seeking the next step. Our partnership with you will notably increase your investment. Call us to see how!


We know everyone has questions, so we compiled a page of our most frequently asked questions by tenants just like you - so please click the link below - more than likely your answer will be there.


We know that mailing checks is cumbersome and with reduced banking hours it's not always convenient to swing by the bank, so we've made a simple way for you to pay your rent online just click the link below.

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